Case Study - Consolidating Cloud Security!

Wednesday, 10 July 2019 09:59

At the end of last year, we implemented the project "Security Elements of Cloud Service of BH Telecom - virtual firewalls" for the needs of our long-term client and leading telecom provider in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The implemented solution provides an offer of cloud security solutions for internal use, as well as end-users and clients of BH Telecom, and ultimately makes BH Telecom ready to respond to upcoming cyber security threats in a comprehensive way.


The manufacturer of this security solution, Check Point Software Technologies ltd. recognized a good example of the application of his products in this project, and in cooperation with BH Telecom they developed a case study.

Mrs. Edina Muminović, Head of Security and Integration Services, spoke about the challenges and how they were addressed - read more on the following LINK.

BH Telecom made a major breakthrough in its digital transformation, improved internal infrastructure, and offered the best possible solutions to its customers, said Muminović: "CloudGuard IaaS gives us everything we need in one solution – from firewall filtering to IPS, to content filtering to antivirus. By combining everything, we can join the dots in our service offering."

For us, as a local Check Point partner, the development of this kind of case study is a kind of affirmation and acknowledgment of the success of our team's work and top expertise, as well as a good strategic direction for our company.

We are using this occasion to thank BH Telecom for their trust and all the team members who worked with us on the realization of this project, as well as partnership with Check Point Software Technologies.

For more information on this and similar cyber security solutions, please feel free to contact us.