Another Interesting Event - Digital Identity Protection, Identity Management and Secure Delivery of Apps

Monday, 12 December 2016 10:04

How to manage identities in the enterprise and small company environment, or even for personal matters? How to remember all the usernames, passwords, access links? You were probably writing down a password on the paper, and after you have remembered it, you were supposed to align it with the change and complexity policies. How do you actually secure access data from the misuse? 

The fact that over 50% cases of data misuse have appeared because of weak, default or stolen passwords. As the answer to these challenges, we organized few presentations with the help of our guest and internal resources, and also demonstrations of the solutions for Identity Management, Digital Identity Protection and Secure Delivery of Apps on November 11, 2016 at Hotel Sarajevo. 

Many participants of this event at first-hand, through the presentation of Sandra Hilt – Team Leader for the EMEA Region could hear and see the leading Gartner solution for Identity Management and Access, from the Centrify company. It is about relatively less known solution in Europe, that with its identity platform protect organizations from the unauthorized data stealing, by securing the main targets of the attack ''threatened access data'', internal, external and privileged user accounts and passwords. 

IMG 0016

Centrify platform is divided in three parts: 

  • Centrify Identity Service – A cloud platform, which main functionality is possibility of sign-in on any web application over the platform, without using password for the web application. This solution allows users to simply manage access data for any web application. 

  • Centrify Privilege Service – A platform that offers possibility of privileged users identity management on the systems. The end users have simplified access to any device inside the company, no matter if it is RDP connection to some Windows server or SSH connection to the specific router or similar. What is important that every user over this platform connects with the one type of user account, for example ActiveDirectory account and thereby does not need to know administrative access data for the resource that he is connecting on. 

  • Centrify Server Suite – A platform that offers identity consolidation, supervision and revision of privileged users of the system. With this platform it is simple to connect Linux, Unix, Osx devices on ActiveDirectory domain, which allow users to connect on those systems by using Active Directory user accounts. Privileged users monitoring is component that saves the complete session in video format from the beginning of users’ connection and also offers revision possibility of these sessions. 

Together with the representative which demonstrated Identity Service Platform, our engineering team demonstrated internally established Centrify Privilege Service and Server Suite platform, and also the example of using the platforms for tracking and saving the privileged users' access, search of imported SSH commends etc. which caused a great interest of participants. 

By analysing our users from many sectors, our team demonstrated solutions Secure Delivery of Apps for employees, remote users and external users and also combined access to devices localy or remotely by using single sign-on, cards and generated one-time passwords. 


One of the partner was well-known CheckPoint. Their Network Security Engineer for the Adriatic region, Ivan Štrbac presented the way that CheckPoint through SandBlast Zero-Day Protection fights the unknown malwares at the network level, work stations level and also how it secures protection for cloud environment. He also presented unique technologies of CheckPoint like Threat Extraction and CPU Level Threat Detection, which enable CheckPoint to stay in front of sophisticated malware, and offer possibilities of forensics and reporting. 

Our last, but not less important guest was David Ivačič, Sales Director of Real Security, a company that we have long lasting cooperation, because we both recognized good products and solutions for ICT security. David presented their solutions portfolio, and announced 12th RISK 2017 Conference, as the leading event of the cyber security in Adriatic region. 

Two VIP tickets for RISK 2017 went into the hands of the happiest participants. 

At the end of the event, our company presented security services with SaaS/MSP model – model that offers future users some kind of subscription, which means reasonably priced management for security segments: 

  • Computer, mobile devices and server protection 

  • Web site, public available applications and infrastructure protection 

  • Complete maintenance and control of the service users 

Themes, presentations, demonstrations gathered the great number of participants form the public, financial and private sector. Their many questions, discussions and positive critics are the prove that we picked a great theme again, and that we have bring something new i.e. offered new answers for some old questions. 

For all those that find these theme interesting, with our long lasting partnership with CheckPoint, and recently, but we also hope long lasting partnership with Centrify, we are at your disposal for organizing special presentations.