You do not have full insight into your business? You are having troubles with fast and accurate report creation? You are using multiple systems that are not mutually integrated? You are afraid that serious software solutions are too expensive for you?
We have the SOLUTION!

For each of your business challenges, we believe that an appropriate solution lies in one of the following: 

Business information system
We offer you one of the best - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is global business solution (ERP) intended to small and medium business with the aim of an IT substantiate any business process and according to that to become the foundation od decision making processes, maximizing exploitation od all data and optimizing all your resources - people, money, resources. 

Our company is a Microsoft Dynamics partner, and in accordance to that the implementation of ERP solutions is one of our special services. Our team has the knowledge for successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, for which we are multi-certified by Microsoft programs. The implementation of this solution, we have already realized through some projects on our and international market. We own powers but above all the knowledge to modify the source code of this solution so that we can fully customize it according to your needs.

We guarantee to realize all your requirements with the aim of better modifying the system for you and your business processes.

Document management

Microsoft SharePoint is an intranet or an intranet portal that allows you to centralize all data and information of a company in one place. In addition, it is one flexible technology with a number of predefined tools that accelerate and facilitate the business, on the other platform that supports the easy further upgrade that follow the growth of your company.

This is a powerful collaboration tool that will enable document management, creating automated procedures to support business processes, shared calendars, discussions, projects, forms and etc.


Customer relationship management
Client in the spotlight!

This is not just a phrase! In today's world of business it is imperative and key to success.

Product such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the methodology of business process that puts the client at the center of events, and offers you the tools that allow you to get a long-term and good business relationship with your client.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a complete solution that offers a number of options, but the real power of the software comes only in the process of its adaptation to specific business needs. Not only can adjust additional parameters and fields for each object of the system, but also access to the system can be set up dedicated to the needs of the business.
System can be accessed through an interface of Outlook, or via a Web browser, mobile devices and custom portal.

This is a specialized solution aimed to support the following:

  • sales automatisation,
  • marketing automtisation,
  • management support after sales


Aplication by request
Using Microsoft .NET technologies and by analysis of the needs we can make applications tailored to the Client.

It is often the case, the development of applications that complement the functionality of some of the existing tools, e.g. making fiscal module for an existing ERP or development of system for analyzing security logs and notification of users.