Client: "We think that we are under attack!!! Please can you check it?"
EMC: "You were under attack, you are now attacker!"

Due to the increasing importance of security solutions in the IT industry as well as the growing importance of information that we manage, our activities are mostly focused on the domain of advanced security solutions with holistic approach to clients.

The most important include:

  • anti-virus protection on the desktop and the gateway;
  • email protection (spam and antimalware);
  • WAN optimization;
  • visibility of network traffic;
  • controlling, monitoring and protection of databases.

Web, Email and Endpoint cloud security provides essential protection while eliminating the need to manage hardware and software onsite. Thanks to the advanced methods of recognizing malicious email's, websites, viruses, malware, they are blocked before they come into contact with your network.

Email cloud security solves the problem with spam messages and it prevents that important emails end up in Junk folder, while the Web cloud security successfully blocks unwanted sites using URL filtering. Endpoint cloud security except Web security and URL filtering also provides protection from viruses with portable media (USB, external hard disc, etc).